‘ An impressive gallop along the thin line between Ernst Jünger and Leo Tolstoy. Her natural metaphors come with animalistic power, her reflections are as clever as distinctive and the way she conjures up the sultry, stormy atmosphere on the eve of the Second World War testifies of a great story telling ability.’ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

‘An addictive novel of cruel beauty… one of the most delicious novels I’ve read in ages.‘ The New York Times, The Dutch Maiden

Sometimes it sounds like the blast of trumpets. Sometimes like a prehistoric beast. It must be something tectonic, Nadia and Lev reassure each other. Something meteorological, perhaps. But these dark noises have not always ripped through the skies above thier home deep in the forests of Russia. Once the couple ran a sanctuary for orphaned bears cubs, but the volunteers have stopped coming and as Lev's mind starts to falter, Nadia is drawn into a battle with her own memories. Where has everyone gone? And what happened in the year she wants so badly to forget?
Phon is the tale of two lonely resilient people living on the very edge of a disrupted society and how they relate to their loved ones, history and the animal world of which they are part. When all certainty is lost, imagination is the force that will sustain them.

‘ Best Dutch novel of 2018’ (de Volkskrant)
‘ Until you discover the truth behind it all, Phon is quite simply unputdownable.’ (de Volkskrant)
‘ Oh, those sentences of hers! They brilliantly conjure up the woodlands of Russia, as empty and forbidding as they are gloriously wild.’ (NRC Handelsblad)
‘ It all comes together in a tightly woven, satisfying dénouement (...) which resonates with the concentrated power of the opening chapters and highlights the finesse of De Moor's ingenious plot. Phon reveals itself to be an exceptional, richly layered novel..’ (NRC Handelsblad)


The Dutch Maiden (AKO literatuurprijs, European Union Prize for Literature) – rights sold to twelve countries
Roundhay, tuinscène (shortlist Libris Literatuurprijs) rights sold to Hanser Verlag, München
Gezellige verhalen (Biesheuvelprijs 2016) rights sold to Kalem Agency and Izida