Marente de Moor (b. 1972) studied Slavonic Languages and lived in the 1990’ s in Russia, where she worked for both Russian and Dutch media. Her columns about the absurdist Russian everyday life were collected and published as Petersburgse vertellingen in 1999. After her return to the Netherlands she worked several years at the weekly HP/De Tijd. Her highly praised debut novel De overtreder (The Transgressor) came out in 2007 and was published in German in 2010 by Suhrkamp Verlag, under the title Amsterdam und zurück. Since 2009 she has worked as a weekly columnist for the political magazine Vrij Nederland. In 2010 her second novel, the historical De Nederlandse maagd (The Dutch Maiden). was published, and translated into German (Die niederländische Jungfrau, Suhrkamp Verlag). In 2011, it was awarded with the AKO Literatuurprijs, the best known prize for literature in the Netherlands, and in 2014 with the European Union Prize for Literature. In 2013, her third novel The Roundhay gardenscene was shortlisted for the Libris Prize for literature.

‘ An impressive gallop along the thin line between Ernst Jünger and Leo Tolstoy. Her natural metaphors come with animalistic power, her reflections are as clever as distinctive and the way she conjures up the sultry, stormy atmosphere on the eve of the Second World War testifies of a great story telling ability.’ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

‘ With Marente de Moor, Dutch literature has won a very original writer, one with an apparent inexhaustible imagination, who will, hopefully, write many more novels, as exhilarating as this one.’ (Trouw about The Dutch Maiden)

‘ The ominous atmosphere, moral dilemmas and raging passions are evoked in beautifully sculptured phrases. Masterfully, she holds the tension until the sword drops. Hermans revisited.’ (NRC Handelsblad about The Dutch Maiden)

‘ The Transgressor reads like a dream which shifts into a state of intoxication. […] De Moor can write, she has a rich vocabulary and she dares to fantasise, as is evident from this unusually mature debut.’ (VN about The Transgressor)

‘ With razor-sharp observations, Marente de Moor allows her debut to transcend herself.’ (NRC Handelsblad about The Transgressor)